Vaginal Steaming is a centuries old womb deto technique. Indigenous women in countries around the world practice this method today, as part of a monthly detoxification method.  As your V-Steam Practioner I will facilitate the vaginal steam experience,  which will include consultation, a cup of womb friendly special blend tea, while you detox.

• Painful Periods and heavy bleeding
• Yeast or Bacterial Infections/UTI’s
• Fibroids/Endometriosis
• Infertility
• Insomnia/Anxiety
• Low Libido


Do not steam if:

If you have an IUD or Nuva Ring
While bleeding
Have open sores, cuts, wounds and stitches
During a fever
During a herpes outbreak
While pregnant or if there is any chance of pregnancy

**Statements not approved by the FDA**

Vaginal Steam Session 35 mins

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