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The Healthcare Revolution-A Wellness Vibe

Healthcare in 2024 and beyond will undergo a digital transformation, with the increased use of telemedicine, personalized medicine, and remote wellness technology usage. These advancements are using remote quantum healing and frequencies to promote DNA repair, cell regeneration, and dis-ease detection in both pets and humans. These devices and their use cost thousands of dollars to access.

Imagine having access to use this same technology at a fraction of the cost. You are in luck, the AO Scan, Itera Care Wand, and Healy are the answers to this transformation. These devices could pave the way for more effective and personalized integrative treatments, which can assist in getting ahead of any health issues before they become dis-ease.


"BioEnergetic Assessment Scan," is a non-invasive device and technique used in alternative medicine and holistic health practices. It's designed to assess and analyze the body's subtle energy systems and provide insights into a person's overall health and wellness, by using a 10 second download of the person’s voice from anywhere in the world. This technology also works on pets but instead of using the voice; a photo of their face can be used.

Here's how the AO Scan works:

  1. Bioenergetic Field Assessment: The AO Scan operates on the principle that every cell, organ, and system in the body emits its own unique electromagnetic signature or frequency. These frequencies interact and contribute to the overall bioenergetic field of an individual.

  2. Scanning Process: During an AO Scan session, the facilitator holds a small handheld device that is connected to the AO Scan software. The device emits various frequencies and collects data based on the body's response to these frequencies.

  3. Data Collection and Analysis: Client speaks 10 seconds over the phone or in person, As the device scans the body using the voice recording, it collects data related to the individual's energetic imbalances, stressors, and areas of disharmony within the biofield.

  4. Interpretation and Recommendations sent via e-mail: Based on the analysis, practitioners interpret the results and provide recommendations for optimizing the body's energy balance and addressing any identified imbalances or stressors. These recommendations may include lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, or other holistic therapies.

Experience the future of wellness NOW.

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Disclaimer: The recommendations and suggestions in this document are not intended to replace an American Medical Association (AMA) Board Certified Physicians advice or Board-Certified Mental Health Practitioners advice, these statements have not been approved by the AMA or the FDA. If you are experiencing any medical or mental health crisis, please speak with your physician or call 911.


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