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A testimonial is a great way to share your positive experiences with others. Our courses and services have helped many individuals achieve their goals. Don't just take our word for it, read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences working with us. We value your feedback and thank you for sharing your success stories with others.

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Rhonda Robinson
average rating is 5 out of 5

I've known Christina over 20 years and I have watched her grow into the Phenomenal Healer that she is today! She is the Truth in her knowledge, gifts and craft as she has assisted with my spiritual journey in healing myself. She is very informative and provides the correct information for you to continue to do your work on your own. Every experience with her is informative, helpful and memorable.

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C. Whitehead
average rating is 5 out of 5

Greetings Queen Chrissy, I shared the assessment with my therapist during last nights session. She was very pleased with the instructions and information provided. She also enjoyed how you spoke of both my open/strengthened chakras and closed/stagnant chakras. She stated it's good to provide that balance when on this journey to know and feel that "everything about me is just wrong". She loved that you provided that balance. I ask her if she would recommend any thing she'd like to see me really work on with you and she stated just tapping into that feminine energy more that's feminine side. She stated based on the assessment it will sure come as that chakras heal. But yes if you could just help me to embrace and open up that energy more but overall she loved it and the idea of having both that physical and spiritual leadership from you and her.


Shalom Wadu, I want to personally thank this Knowledgeable Queen of high Spiritual intelligence, Queen Christina Sharay, who helped me to become awakened with my spiritual knowledge. Through her Spirituality for Beginners Course. Through her course, I regained my goddess powers and worth. She also helped me to understand I can receive everything the divine has for me. Through devotion meditation, spirit work, and honoring my enlightened ancestors, those who laid down the foundation for me. We then moved on to Moon Magic which helped me understand the lunar cycles, Lore, and energies. This course helped me grow from a bush into a tree. I can now stand tall and not fall because I am rooted as I should be. I also started journaling throughout my Journey, making sure I heard every word. From the intention setting and cultivating the spiritual realm in my life. I am very excited to be on my vibrational frequency journey, I have accomplished a lot, and gained a lot of knowledge during this journey. My Motivational declaration Creed is to give back what was given to me. Look up not down, smile not frown. (Why?) Because You are that Queen that wears a crown! When we moved on to crystals it was a blessing of excitement, because my name is Crystal. My mom said the spirits named me when she was in labor all she saw were crystals at that time. Just to name a few, Amethyst is a master healer, for deep pain, also known for calming & soothing. Clear Quartz is a master healer for infection or inflammation. Rose quartz self-love. Altar building giving homage to self, ancestors, and the goddess and goddesses in your spiritual entourage. All should have their own altar.

Crystal Joy

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