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AO Digital Body Analyzer 

AO Digital Body Analyzer

Uses Electromagnetic Signals to scan the entire body by using the sound of your voice.

AO Scan works by using a special device and software to a 10-second recording of your voice. The device will scan the auditory and non-auditory frequency in your voice and provide a complete multi-page report of any imbalances in the mind, body, organs, and tissues along with frequency tones for you to listen to assist in bringing you back into holistic harmony.

Complementary Approach: If you are interested in using an AO Scan, consider it as a complementary tool alongside traditional medical assessments and treatments.


AO Scan can offer the following health benefits:

  • Non-invasive health assessment.

  • Holistic insights into health.

  • Early issue detection.

  • Personalized guidance.

  • Stress reduction.

  • Complementary to traditional healthcare.

  • Energy field balancing.

  • Customized alternative therapy recommendations.

  • Progress monitoring for health conditions.

  • Convenience and quick assessments.

  • Potential for health optimization.

  • Improved quality of life.

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