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AO Scanner Device

A noninvasive bio-resonance device scans and evaluates the entire body using radionics to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body. restore optimal health or prevent the disease from manifesting.  You will also receive your custom frequencies and tones for balance and multi-page reports.


We are entering a new paradigm of Health & Wellness and frequency therapy is the future healing modality for every aspect of human life!

This new paradigm merges health, science, technology, and spirituality and is currently known as Quantum Frequency Therapy. It is the future of medicine.  The Healy was created to support the whole human by balancing and supporting the body’s bio-energetic field. This small wearable tool uses a quantum sensor to scan the body’s imbalances physically, mentally, energetically, and emotionally. It then delivers customized frequency programs to bring everything back into total balance and harmony.

It is groundbreaking technology and there is nothing else like it out there in the realm of frequency medicine.

iTerra Care

ITerra Care Wand

Tera Hertz technology is the latest treatment from the world of advanced healing. Using Terahertz Waves, discovered in the 1980's to match the vibration frequency of human cells, the therapy helps blood flow with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cells are re-activated. As a result, damaged cells are repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized. Regular use also strengthens and induces the DNA organic molecules, enhancing self-repairing body cells.

THz (terahertz) waves are a form of nonionizing radiation and contain low photon energy, and are strongly absorbed by polar molecules such as water in both gas and liquid states. It shows the depth of Tera Hertz Wave penetration in our biological tissues.

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