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Vibing By Nature

It's a Holistic Experience

"I welcome you into this virtual space with immense gratitude.  My intention is that you integrate these vibrationally elevating tools into your life to manifest the positive shift you seek."

- Christina Sharay

Unsure of what Holistic Healing/Service You Need? Start off by booking a Vibrational Coaching Session. 

Vibrational Coaching Session

Working together to get to the root of life’s trauma, blockages, and stagnation and developing an understanding of the pain’s purpose and how to use it to heal us and others. Interactive assignments and much more from a metaphysical approach.

AO frequency Scan

Your Custom Blue Print to Wellness.

Detailed visual health status of the organs, systems, and tissue of the body, by using your voice.

A noninvasive bio-resonance device scans and evaluates the entire body using radionics to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body, restore optimal health or to prevent the disease from manifesting, by taking a 10-second recording of your voice.​​

Get to Know
Christina Sharay

As a Vibrational Stylist, I take an unconventional approach to ancient healing practices. Style is inside out, Here is to beautifying your vibration.


I have successfully taken the spiritual journey with clients in assisting them with tools to manifest desired results in their life; This is accomplished by using the power of Vibrational/Energy Medicine, Crystal Healing, Spirit and Holistic Based Practices.

3 Decades in the art of Helping Women align with whom they are meant to be. I have been able to do that by using Traditional Holistic and Spiritual Practices, using herbs, crystals, and other ancient modalities taught to me by spiritual leaders, gurus, and my ancestors.


As a Domestic Violence Advocate and Survivor I have gone on the mission of therapeutic and holistic wellness for myself, in that journey, I saw the need for safe spaces for women from all walks of life to be supported on their journey into wholeness.   My unique approach is to assist the client with creating their specific blueprint to address their needs and aligning them with tools to reimagine their life in Becoming a Beautiful Vibe.

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The flagship service is The Goddess Reset, this incorporates the ancient healing practice of Yoni Steaming, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and other ancient practices that assist in eliminating pain, trauma and other disparities which can disrupt the womb physically and emotionally.  

Being board accredited in various natural healing practices, has enhanced my insight to compassionately help my clients make a lasting positive shift on a

soul-ular level.

Greetings Queen Chrissy, I shared the assessment with my therapist during last nights session. She was very pleased with the instructions and information provided. She also enjoyed how you spoke of both my open/strengthened chakras and closed/stagnant chakras. She stated it's good to provide that balance when on this journey to know and feel that "everything about me is just wrong". She loved that you provided that balance. I ask her if she would recommend any thing she'd like to see me really work on with you and she stated just tapping into that feminine energy more that's feminine side. She stated based on the assessment it will sure come as that chakras heal. But yes if you could just help me to embrace and open up that energy more but overall she loved it and the idea of having both that physical and spiritual leadership from you and her.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

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