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We are entering a new paradigm of Health & Wellness and frequency therapy is the future healing modality for every aspect of human life!


This new paradigm merges health, science, technology and spirituality and is currently known as Quantum Frequency Therapy. It is the future of medicine and in this workshop I will be giving you the inside scope about a new category creating frequency device called The Healy. It was created to support the whole human by balancing and supporting the body’s bio-energetic field. This small wearable tool uses a quantum sensor to scan the body’s imbalances physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally. It then delivers customized frequency programs to bring everything back into total balance and harmony.

It is ground breaking technology and there is nothing else like it out there in the realm of frequency medicine.

We will begin the circle with some custom herbal tea, crystal singing bowls and a short guided meditation. You will then get to dip your toes into the quantum field and learn about frequency therapy, plus have an opportunity to experience what it’s actually like to use the Healy first hand.

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