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Ready for a womb make over, ditch the commercial sanitary napkins and use an all natural essence organic plant and oil herbal pad: high absorption, chlorine free, prevent itching, eliminate orders. Lhamo herbal pads are almost 50% more absorbent and super healthy.

Our sanitary pads beautifully combine the traditional herbal formulations with the effective topical application techniques to bring you a feminine hygiene product that is truly unique in its effectiveness.


Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits:

  • Rose

Improves circulation and helps provide pain relief

  • Spearmint

Enhanced breathability keeps your vagina free from rashes

  • Marjoram

A relaxing fragrance to relieve the menstrual bipolarity to maintain a balanced mood state

  • Frankincense

Helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation

  • Champaca

With Champaca your skin remains clean and healthy


****statements not approved by FDA**** The essential oils and herbs infused in these pads have been utilized for the purpose of the below symptoms.terial, care instructions and cleaning instructions.

Lhamo Organic Essential Oil Infused Sanitary Napkins-Heavy Long

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