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777 The Gateway

July 7, 2023, July 16, 2023, July 25, 2023 (All Embody the energy of 777 Gateway)

The Profound Significance of 777

Within the realm of spirituality, numbers often carry profound symbolism. The number 7, embodying a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine energies represents the harmonious union of these primal forces. When magnified into the triple sequence of 777, its spiritual potency intensifies, opening gateways to higher realms and unlocking the boundless potential of our consciousness.

Embracing the Sirius Gateway Portal

The celestial phenomenon known as the Sirius Gateway Portal occurs when the luminous star Sirius aligns with our Sun, creating a gateway to divine realms. Sirius, a repository of ancient wisdom, serves as a cosmic portal that invites us to expand our spiritual awareness and embrace transformation. During this alignment, the powerful energies from Sirius become amplified, offering us an opportune moment to deepen our connection with the divine and accelerate our personal growth.

7/7/2023: A Fortuitous Day of Cosmic Alignment

On the luckiest days of the year, 7/7/2023, 7/16/2023, and 7/25/2023 the convergence of energies within the Sirius Gateway Portal reaches its peak. This celestial alignment aligns the cosmic forces in our favor, creating a powerful surge of positive energy and blessings. It presents a golden opportunity to manifest our desires, heighten our spiritual awareness, and embark on a journey of profound transformation.


Harnessing the Energies with Crystals

Consider incorporating the following crystals into your spiritual practices on these auspicious days:


This mystical stone enhances spiritual connection and opens doorways to higher dimensions. The iridescent glow guides us into realms of expanded consciousness and encourages spiritual exploration.



A stone of intuition and feminine energy, this crystal assists in balancing the yin and yang within us. It fosters emotional harmony, enhances psychic abilities, and supports spiritual growth.


Clear Quartz

Known as the "Master Healer" clear quartz amplifies intentions and serves as a conduit for divine energy. It helps cleanse and purify our energetic field, facilitating a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.



With its ethereal glow, selenite promotes spiritual clarity and purification. It serves as a powerful tool for cleansing energy, accessing higher guidance, and creating sacred space for spiritual practices.


New Moon July 17, 2023, @ 2:32 EST.

What does the new moon in Cancer mean?

Generally speaking, Cancer signs have a tendency to hold onto things, whether it’s a grudge or simply a bad memory. But this new moon will make you question if you’re holding onto something just because it’s a habit or because it’s ~actually~ still an issue. The New Moon is the time to set new intentions, with determination, to become the best version of self. If you are having financial issues, seek a debt counselor, trouble releasing unwanted weight, seek a fitness trainer. This is the time to be kind to yourself, as Cancer is also a very nurturing mother energy. Nurture yourself to wholeness during this time. With grace and gratitude.


Journal Prompt:

Who do I need to become to be the best version of myself?

Ready to start your energy healing journey?

- Setting intentions for healing

- Finding a guide or mentor

- Creating a personal healing space

A Vibrational Coaching Session will assist you in beginning this journey along with

unpacking and answering life-changing questions as the one featured in this month’s journal prompt. What if you could discover that the emotional and energetic blocks that have interrupted your elevation did not all belong to you? What if these blocks could have come from your parents or ancestors that you have never met? And you will learn the tools to thrive on your unique path, not just survive. In an effortless way, using traditional, metaphysical, and energy techniques, that could help soothe those painful parts of your life’s journey.

Book a Vibrational Coaching Session today at to experience transformative wellness.

**The recommendations and suggestions in this document are not intended to replace an American Medical Association (AMA) Board Certified Physicians advice or Board Certified Mental Health Practitioners advice, These statements have not been approved by the AMA or the FDA. If you are experiencing any medical or mental health crisis, please speak with your physician or call 911.


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