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E-Motion (Energy in Motion)

We move between states of emotion throughout our day. We can wake up feeling amazing, and turn on the morning news and see a sad story that makes us cry in 2.2 seconds, now we are heading to work get cut off in traffic and now we are angry. It is good to know how to get from anger to neutrality or maybe love. How can we get there?

Using the Emotional Freedom Chart below can be used as a guide to assist in attuning your personal frequency to get us from where we are to where we want to be.

4 ways to know what ways can you go from grief to at least neutrality.

1. Listen to music that reminds you of a great memory

2. Dance or exercise (move the body, to move the energy)

3. Watch a funny movie or a movie that reminds you of happier times

4. Talk to people who celebrate you, not tolerate you

5. Or take a nap

This is a short list of things you can do in a moment to get you from a negative state to a more pleasurable state. It may be impossible to move from fear to love, but the recommendations above can give you gentle nudges up the emotional scale.

Crystal Corner…

Both Pictures are Cellphones

Crystals are used in everyday items, like our cell phones it takes approximately 23 crystals and minerals to make a cell phone. Below is a short list of the crystals that are used and their functions.

  • Orthoclase-used for Touch screen,

  • Lanthanite- used for color display and vibration mechanism,

  • Apatite-used to make chips and microprocessors,

  • Cobaltoan- make the batteries,

  • Diamond-make electrodes in the battery

  • Tungsten- used for speakers and headphones,

  • Wulfenite-used for wires,

  • Fluorite-used in cell cases,

  • Sphalerite-used in the battery,

  • Barium-used in the circuit board.

Crystal Combinations to Help with Anxiety: (Agate Blue, Tiger Eye, Fluorite, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz)

Emerald: A higher heart chakra stone, Emerald is a hypnotizing healing crystal. Use it in the holy week to realize your sins and do penance. Emerald helps in removing guilt, vengeance, and hatred from the heart when you program it with mid-chakras.

Biblical Verse: The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone with the fourth as Emerald. –Revelation 21:19


Seeing with the Mind’s Eye

“I AM Trusting My Intuitive Nature ”

Chakra---- Third Eye. Trust the whisper of The Universal Intelligence as it is all around me, from the breeze to the leaves. Trust my intuition giving the benefit of the doubt doesn’t benefit me...

Put my purple power on, wear purple, eat

blueberries, grapes, and red wine.

Lapis Lazuli

The Voice is Mightier than the Sword

“I Speak My Truth.”

Chakra---- Throat. Speak my truth unapologetically and don’t allow others to steal my voice. My voice is a beacon of hope and purpose.

Eat mints, and honey, hum, sing, and yell if necessary.

Tiger Eye

Enables one to be unwavering in their convictions

“I AM Confident, Strong, and Fearless”

Chakra----Solar Plexus. I am stronger

than I know and all things I desire are

already mine. Be grounded and trust in

the process. As the Sun, I am light. Wear the colors yellow and gold, and eat more grains and bananas.


Connect to the Highest

“I AM Connecting with the Source Energy”

Chakra---- Crown. The connection to

source. Amplifying the conversation with

GOD. Cleanse the negative energy of my vibrational body.

Eat Deep Purple Grapes, sit in quiet mediation and listen to GOD’s message for you


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