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New Moon in Gemini

New Moon

June 18, 2023, at 12:37 am

New Moon June 18, 2023, at 12:37 am; is in the sign of Gemini, the sign of communication and socialization, and it’s also connected with Neptune, the planet of dreams. The result: You'll spend some quiet time thinking about where you'd want to go in life if nothing held you back. Maybe you’ve always had the secret desire to start your own business or would feel super accomplished if you learned another language.

Crystals to use during this time

Moonstone: Expressive and quick thinker who sees both sides.

Calcite: Positive energy and emotional intellect

Amazonite: Connects both the heart chakra and throat chakra alleviating worry and fear and communicating with empathy.


What is an AO Scan and how does it compare

to a traditional Ultra Sound?

An AO scan is a non-invasive portable device, that provides a safe and effective way to obtain detailed information about the body, and all of its systems and functions down to the cells by using a 10-second recording of the individual’s voice.

The difference between an AO scan and an ultrasound lies in the methods used to scan the human body and what each modality can detect. Both are noninvasive methods to collect data images of a person’s body; however:

AO scans rely on radionics (the study of subtle energy fields and their impact on the body) to detect any abnormalities in the client’s full body, meaning they focus on the vibrational frequencies of cells and organs to analyze the individual’s health. Ultrasounds are diagnostic imaging exams that use high-frequency sound waves to produce images of a specific area of a patient’s body, such as the abdomen.

AO scans compile more than 120,000 frequencies in the body to locate “biomarkers,” or energetic points in the body. Biomarkers with low frequencies can indicate conditions that generally cannot be “captured” in an image, such as lethargy, which can also indicate inflammation.

Because AO scans focus on biofeedback from the client, this technology can also see deeper into separate tissue layers of organs, unlike ultrasounds, which can only focus on organs one at a time.

The AO scan is the future and the blueprint to wellness for you and your entire family even the family pet.



What is Emotional Safety? The feeling you have when your chosen community, (friends, family) provides you a safe space of no judgment, no gaslighting, no intentional disrespect, etc. to speak up and communicate openly and have the space to be vulnerable.

To put it simply, emotional safety is feeling secure enough to truly express yourself with someone and show up as your most authentic self.

When you find yourself in an emotionally safe relationship, chances are you’ll experience many advantages as a result. Benefits of emotionally safe relationships include:

  • You feel valued and valuable.

  • You can truly be yourself without the risk of judgment.

  • You can show your weaknesses without being taken advantage of.

  • You can share boldly and express yourself freely.

  • You feel seen, heard, and understood.

  • You can disagree without confrontation


Embrace the Summer Solstice Energy

Sit in the sun and embrace this energy.

Crystals, sunny flowers, essential oils. All set for our Summer Solstice.

Crystals & stones we can use to entrain us with the vibrational frequencies of Summer Solstice energy (reaping rewards, harvesting, and manifestation energy):

  • sunstone

  • pyrite

  • citrine

  • amber

  • tiger's eye

ESSENTIAL OILS(use high-quality 100% oils, you can use in a bath, burn, diffuse, or anoint your pulse points or a chakra or two...third eye or solar plexus would be ideal here:

  • lavender

  • sage

  • meadowsweet

  • citrus oils (usually too strong for the skin as it tends to burn so no bathing or anointing skin)

HERBS (organic is always preferred): dried lavender

FLOWERS- I prefer sunflowers, but whatever flowers bring a smile to your face.


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